Craigcefnparc Primary

I had a fabulous day out at Craigcefnparc primary yesterday! All pupils were clearly very happy to learn about Computer Science and I think that if we were given half a chance, we could have talked about it all day! We really thought about the way that technology had evolved over the years.

I was impressed with how quickly Harry spotted the pattern in the binary code activity and I thought that Nia and Llywelyn worked wonderfully together. I could not fault Llywelyns’ instructions during the ‘human programming’ activity!

I received some wonderful comments from the pupils on the feedback sheets. To mention a few:

“Really interesting. I thought it was fun and creative and I wish we can do something like this again sometime. I loved it. Thanks you so much for teaching me these things”.

“I think it was interesting and fun. 🙂 Thanks for coming!”

It was a pleasure to come out to you Craigcefnparc! Keep up the good work.



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