Llanfair Primary

Wow! I was completely blown away by the warm welcome I received at Llanfair Primary on Friday the 17th of January! It was extremely pleasing to hear that pupils had been looking forward for my visit for a long time. A lovely young man called Guiom ( I hope I have spelled that right) even brought me a Python programming book for me to see. It was great to hear that many of the pupils had already demonstrated a great interest in Computer Science.

Both year 5 and 6 classes really excelled themselves and each and every one of the pupils demonstrated fantastic levels of concentration. The questions they asked were of a very high level, and they were able to apply what they had learned into real life situations.

Here is a photo of pupils writing their names in computer language:

2014-01-17 13.57.15

I was very impressed with Abigail in year 5, who not only completed the binary activity in record time, but also completed the ‘crack the code’ extension activity in record time too! A few of the boys also asked for additional worksheets to take home with them which is fantastic.

I truly hope that I can come back to Llanfair again!

To view more photo’s on flickr, please follow this link.

Thanks Llanfair for a wonderful day.

Bethan 🙂


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