Pen y Bont Primary

What a fantastic time I had out at Pen y Bont Primary. We had plenty of laughs and there were some definite computer scientists of the future in the room!

The weather was not great, but we still had plenty of fun in the hall! ย The binary activity went down a storm and many pupils would not let the code defeat them.

Thanks for such a great welcome Pen y Bont Primary.

Beth ๐Ÿ™‚



Grange Primary

Yet another super day out at Grange Primary!

I was lucky enough to have assistance from Sarah Lewis on the visit. Sarah had never been out with me before, and was overwhelmed by how much the pupils enjoyed the activities. Pupils were also very enthusiastic!

We had full access to a beautiful hall all day. The pupils’ team work and communication skills were exceptional and we had plenty of laughs.

Mr Davies had kindly arranged for Sarah and I to have a lovely, ย salad for our dinner, prepared by the cook. It was delicious! We will definitely be back!

A great day, full of excitement and laughs.

Thank you all at Grange Primary,

Beth ๐Ÿ™‚

Ynysfach Primary

I had a fantastic time out at Ynysfach Primary on the 7th of February. Luckily, although it was cold, we were able to do some of the activities outside! We were able to enjoy the view of the mountains whilst we took part in our ‘Human Programming’ activity.

I received extra special treatment and Mr Morgan brought me some chips for my dinner. Everyone loves chips on a Friday!

The afternoon session was fantastic and pupils were really keen to share their ideas on future life and how they see technology evolving in the next coming years. I told the pupils that they were fantastic communicators, as there were hands popping up all over the place. Everyone was extremely keen to contribute to the lesson.

Another excellent day! Thanks Ynysfach Primary!

Bethan ๐Ÿ™‚

Maes Yr Haul Primary

What a lovely couple of days I had out at Maes yr Haul Primary on the 3rd and 5th of Feb.

On the 3rd of February, we were lucky that the rain held off and so we were able to do some of the activities outside! We nearly got blown away and the equipment did not stay still for long, but we enjoyed and the atmosphere just added to the fun we were having.

I was really impressed with the enthusiasm and concentration that every single pupil demonstrated, and we shared some lovely stories.

We discussed in depth how technology has changed the way we live. One year 5 pupil explained to me that when her father was a little boy, back in the day when there were black and white televisions, he used to struggle to watch the snooker! We all laughed at the thought.

On my second visit on the 5th of February, we weren’t quite so lucky with the weather as surprise surprise, it was raining! However we still had lots of fun, and did a few extra activities in the classroom. Pupils were fantastic at completing the ‘Treasure Hunt’ activity and wrote some fantastic instructions, as well as peer assessing their partners work and de-bugging any errors. Pupils also had lots of fun learning about pixels and how images are represented by lots of tiny pixels. We did a task where pupils had to follow a code, and colour in certain squares on a grid to create an image. It was fascinating!

Lots went on at Maes yr Haul, it was a fun filled day.

Thanks for your warm welcome Maes yr Haul!

Beth ๐Ÿ™‚

Tondu Primary

It was great to go out to Tondu primary last week. We had a fantastic day with the year 5 and 6 pupils and they we’re all such a ย pleasure to teach!

We especially had lots of fun taking part in the programming activity where pupils had to direct their blindfolded partners through an obstacle course. There were some fantastic instructions given. I thought that pupils demonstrated fantastic teamwork skills and we all had a lovely time.

Thanks Tondu primary!

I hope I am able to come out to you some other time.

Beth ๐Ÿ™‚




Craigcefnparc Primary

I had a fabulous day out at Craigcefnparc primary yesterday! All pupils were clearly very happy to learn about Computer Science and I think that if we were given half a chance, we could have talked about it all day! We really thought about the way that technology had evolved over the years.

I was impressed with how quickly Harry spotted the pattern in the binary code activity and I thought that Nia and Llywelyn worked wonderfully together. I could not fault Llywelyns’ instructions during the ‘human programming’ activity!

I received some wonderful comments from the pupils on the feedback sheets. To mention a few:

“Really interesting. I thought it was fun and creative and I wish we can do something like this again sometime. I loved it. Thanks you so much for teaching me these things”.

“I think it was interesting and fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for coming!”

It was a pleasure to come out to you Craigcefnparc! Keep up the good work.


Llanfair Primary

Wow! I was completely blown away by the warm welcome I received at Llanfair Primary on Friday the 17th of January! It was extremely pleasing to hear that pupils had been looking forward for my visit for a long time. A lovely young man called Guiom ( I hope I have spelled that right) even brought me a Python programming book for me to see. It was great to hear that many of the pupils had already demonstrated a great interest in Computer Science.

Both year 5 and 6 classes really excelled themselves and each and every one of the pupils demonstrated fantastic levels of concentration. The questions they asked were of a very high level, and they were able to apply what they had learned into real life situations.

Here is a photo of pupils writing their names in computer language:

2014-01-17 13.57.15

I was very impressed with Abigail in year 5, who not only completed the binary activity in record time, but also completed the ‘crack the code’ extension activity in record time too! A few of the boys also asked for additional worksheets to take home with them which is fantastic.

I truly hope that I can come back to Llanfair again!

To view more photo’s on flickr, please follow this link.

Thanks Llanfair for a wonderful day.

Bethan ๐Ÿ™‚

Portmead Primary

What a successful day!

I had a fantastic time out at Portmead Primary yesterday with year 3 and 4.

Yesterday was a bit of an experiment for me, as I had never taught pupils as young as year 3 previous and was looking forward to seeing how they would respond to the workshop. What a wonderful surprise it was! I cannot believe that year 3 pupils understood algorithms, and even spotted the pattern in our binary code activity. We also had a very in depth discussion discussing the benefits and drawbacks of a flying car!

Year 4 pupils were equally fantastic and demonstrated complete concentration throughout the day. The Evening Post came out to take a few photo’s of us all having a great time during the human programming activity in the hall!

The behavior of all pupils was exceptional and I truly hope that I will get the opportunity to go out again some time.

Thanks Portmead!

Beth ๐Ÿ™‚

Gnoll Primary School

What an absolute pleasure it was to be invited out to Gnoll primary to teach the year 5 and 6 pupils about Computer Science yesterday!

Pupils appeared to thoroughly enjoy creating their own binary badges and were very enthusiastic when taking part in the activities and games.

We enjoyed developing our computational and problem solving skills, and I was impressed with the quality of answers that pupils gave to my tricky questions!

I also received a spontaneous round of applause from the year 6 pupils, which was lovely! ย It is refreshing to see pupils who have such a positive relationship with learning and who demonstrate gratitude for the opportunity to learn new things.

There are some definite budding Computer Scientists of the future out at Gnoll primary. Watch this space!

Beth ๐Ÿ™‚

Oystermouth Primary

What a great day I had out at Oystermouth Primary yesterday! Pupils were very keen to learn something new and I was very impressed with how enthusiastic year 6 pupils were, especially when we discussed the future at length. Our whole class discussion touched upon all sorts of important matters, such as how new technologies can assist with medical treatments! Great thinking skills demonstrated by many – very well done!

Thanks Oystermouth!