Pentre’r Graig

Yet another lovely day out at Pentre’r Graig on the 3rd of December! Great participation from pupils and some fantastic code cracking going on!

2013-12-03 14.46.19

I was really impressed with how well pupils were issuing instruction to their partners during the ‘human programming’ activity. What a lovely day! To see more photo’s,  follow this link or go to our flickr account.

Thanks Pentre’r Graig,

Beth 🙂

Pontybrenin Primary

What an absolute joy it was to go out to Pontybrenin Primary on the 28th and 29th of November. There was a lovely atmosphere around the school as pupils were working hard to make soap to sell at the Christmas Fête. Pupils managed to sell plenty of soap which is great news for the school!

Pupils were really keen to learn something new and appeared to thoroughly enjoy the workshop experience. The weather was also lovely and mild, and so we were able to do some of the activities out on the playground!

2013-11-28 15.02.17


Some fantastic photographs taken once again! Please follow this link or go to our flickr account for more photographs.

Thanks Pontybrenin for such a lovely few days!



Thanks to all who attended the conference last week!

I just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU to all who attended the Technocamps conference last week! The turn out was fantastic and it was very refreshing to see how many teachers were keen to up-skill in Computer Science. We hope that all teachers involved managed to take some valuable ideas back to the classroom.

David Rees AM-Assembly Member for Aberavon

Here’s a photograph of David Rees (AM for Aberavon) speaking about the importance of Computer Science in schools.

There is talk of another conference in the new year, so watch this space!


St Helens Primary

Yesterday was an absolute ball at St Helens Primary! Pupils were really enthusiastic and they all enjoyed learning about binary code, and were very meticulous when writing their names onto their very own binary badges. Some even drew little images of technological inventions underneath their names! Some great brainstorming going on!

Pupils were also great at issuing very precise instructions whilst taking part in the ‘human programming’ activity.

2013-11-19 11.38.39

Some fantastic photographs taken as usual. For our complete album, please click on this link here.

Thanks St Helens!

Beth 🙂

Ynystawe Primary

My day at Ynystawe Primary on Thursday the 14th of November was fantastic! Pupils were really enthusiastic to learn something new! Pupils were really careful at doing their binary badges and paid particular attention to ensure that they had the right amount of zero’s and one’s in their names!

The whole school was buzzing with excitement as they prepared for Children in Need for the following day. I hope it all went well for you Ynystawe, I’m sure it did!

Plenty of lovely photographs yet again! Here’s one for good measure and the rest can be seen on our flickr account.

2013-11-14 11.00.44

Hope to see you again soon!

Beth 🙂

Brackla Primary

What a fantastic day out at Brackla Primary school on Wednesday. I had a great time with the pupils! I think it was safe to say that we all had lots of fun!

In particular, the Gangnam Style went down really well and we were all exhausted by the end! Some fantastic photographs taken. Plenty of smiles all day long!

Check out this photo of pupils showing off their binary badges:

2013-11-13 14.06.27

For the complete album please visit our flickr account.

Thanks Brackla Primary!

Beth 🙂

St Illtuds Primary

We had a great day out at St Illtuds Primary (Llantwit Major) on the 12th of November! Pupils were very eager to learn something new and they all appeared to enjoy the workshop. We received some great feedback from pupils! Here are a few comments that pupils’ left on their feedback sheets:

“It was very entertaining. Hope I see you again!”

“It was amazing and cool and I would like it if you came back again and again :)”

“I think Playground Computing is the funniest lesson ever because the activities are fun and it’s interesting”

Glad you enjoyed St Illtuds, so did I!

Beth 🙂

Pen y Fro Primary

What a great day we had out at Pen y Fro on the 7th of November. We received a lovely welcome! Pupils appeared to have lots of fun! Pupils were very inquisitive and asked plenty of questions about computer science. Luckily the weather wasn’t too bad and we were able to do a few tasks and activities outside which was great. I was really impressed with how well pupils from Pen y Fro were able to sort data, just like how a computer does. They did this really well! Pupils also made great use of their teamwork and communication skills.



We managed to take lots and lots of photographs at Pen y Fro which is great! Check out our flickr account for the complete album!

Beth and Fran 🙂

Whitestone Primary

We had a fantastic couple of days out at Whitestone Primary last week. Pupils were very keen to learn and it was clear that Computer Science really interested them! I was impressed with how well pupils participated in the activities, and we all enjoyed some fantastic discussions.

Year 5 pupils were a pleasure to teach. They took binary code to another level, and even wrote binary messages to their friends. I was impressed to see how they continued with their binary messages well into playtime!

Year 6 were also fantastic and were experts at the Gangnam Style! We had lots of fun!


For our complete album, please go to our flickr account!

Thanks Whitestone!

Beth 🙂

I received a lovely warm welcome and

Glyncollen Primary School

I had a great day out at Glyncollen Primary on Wednesday! I was pleasantly greeted by pupils and was over the moon with how well they responded to the tasks and activities. They were really curious and asked some fantastic questions. They really proved that they have developed their computational thinking skills! One year 6 group in particular really grasped the ‘repetition’ element of computer programming, before I had even mentioned it! It’s great to see some pupils really thinking outside of the box. Some fantastic instructions given during the obstacle course too! Very well done to all.

Thanks for a lovely day Glyncollen!

Hope to see you all again some time!

Bethan 🙂