Workshops and goodbyes

It seems Santa isn’t the only one busy at this time of the year!

We have been out and about none stop around South Wales. Severn Primary in Cardiff, St Michaels and Ynysfach primary schools got the chance to open up a computer and learn about the different types of hardware and what each pieces does. We also looked at binary and how it is used.

Wallie dress up for Christmas down to Dan Y Graig Swansea as we ran 4 sessions over 2 days. Everyone loved Wallie, and learning about robots.

Tomorrow Wallie and I are in Aberdare visiting a class, and with a heavy heart I can confirm, it will be our last school, for the time being.

There was once a vision of delivering workshops to primary schools about computer science. The aim was the engage children to plant the seed of computational thinking so they were given the roots to grown into the next generation of computer scientists.

Thanks to NESTA, they awarded us funding which helped us make the vision into a reality.  We have engaged will well over 1,000 children since day one and have created 3 different workshops covering a variety of computer science aspects including, hardware, binary, robotics and understand how to write code.

We have had a massive response with positive feedback from teachers, pupils and educators who have praised us for the work we have done.

As of December the 31st, our current funding will come to an end and therefore we are unable to take any more bookings or offer any more workshops.

To all those who have been involved with Playground Computing, I would like to take this opportunity thank your pupils and your staff for welcoming us into your school with open arms and getting involved with our project.  We hope staff and pupils are now more inspired to take on the challenge of computer science and we hope we have helped give you some ideas in how to incorporate this exciting topic into your classrooms.

We have had an amazing time working with schools and we cannot say thank you enough to the schools, pupils and staff you have made our job worthwhile and fun!

Thank you for everything.

Sarah Lewis and Bethan Evans