WOW! What a busy few weeks!

We have had an extremely busy few weeks since half term and it has been excellent to be able to enjoy the workshops outside for a lot of the time.

We have been all over! We enjoyed a fantastic day out at Bryn Primary in Neath last month, and I was taken back by how the school was so beautifully located.

We have also had a great time out at Cadoxton Primary, Colcot Primary and Jenner Park Primary in Barry – for which all of the schools are involved with the fantastic ClubInnov8 programme. The programme aids primary schools in their developments of computer science. Many of pupils have already learned how to code, and have regular lego workshops.I was really impressed with how well the pupils responded to learning about computer science in a different way!

Coety Primary in Bridgend was an absolute pleasure to attend, and we very lucky to have a fantastic spring day! It was great enjoying our workshop outside in the fine weather. Pupils were also very enthusiastic and keen, and they were a joy to teach. They had started to learn about binary numbers before I came out to them, so it was great for them to try something new with binary.

A great few weeks and I’m sure there are many more ahead!

Beth 🙂




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