Maes Yr Haul Primary

What a lovely couple of days I had out at Maes yr Haul Primary on the 3rd and 5th of Feb.

On the 3rd of February, we were lucky that the rain held off and so we were able to do some of the activities outside! We nearly got blown away and the equipment did not stay still for long, but we enjoyed and the atmosphere just added to the fun we were having.

I was really impressed with the enthusiasm and concentration that every single pupil demonstrated, and we shared some lovely stories.

We discussed in depth how technology has changed the way we live. One year 5 pupil explained to me that when her father was a little boy, back in the day when there were black and white televisions, he used to struggle to watch the snooker! We all laughed at the thought.

On my second visit on the 5th of February, we weren’t quite so lucky with the weather as surprise surprise, it was raining! However we still had lots of fun, and did a few extra activities in the classroom. Pupils were fantastic at completing the ‘Treasure Hunt’ activity and wrote some fantastic instructions, as well as peer assessing their partners work and de-bugging any errors. Pupils also had lots of fun learning about pixels and how images are represented by lots of tiny pixels. We did a task where pupils had to follow a code, and colour in certain squares on a grid to create an image. It was fascinating!

Lots went on at Maes yr Haul, it was a fun filled day.

Thanks for your warm welcome Maes yr Haul!

Beth 🙂


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