Portmead Primary

What a successful day!

I had a fantastic time out at Portmead Primary yesterday with year 3 and 4.

Yesterday was a bit of an experiment for me, as I had never taught pupils as young as year 3 previous and was looking forward to seeing how they would respond to the workshop. What a wonderful surprise it was! I cannot believe that year 3 pupils understood algorithms, and even spotted the pattern in our binary code activity. We also had a very in depth discussion discussing the benefits and drawbacks of a flying car!

Year 4 pupils were equally fantastic and demonstrated complete concentration throughout the day. The Evening Post came out to take a few photo’s of us all having a great time during the human programming activity in the hall!

The behavior of all pupils was exceptional and I truly hope that I will get the opportunity to go out again some time.

Thanks Portmead!

Beth 🙂


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